Weekly Focus - K27 / Neurological Disorganization

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2019


Neurological Disorganization: (part one)


Many times, a patient will show indications of specific muscular weakness, TS line, postural sign, etc. However, on testing, the weakness is found on the opposite side of the body. This condition is termed switching. 

This is possibly one of the most important topics we will cover here in this course.  Most of the patients that you will see in your practice are switched.  If a patient is not switched, then they are less likely to hurt themselves, others, or the environment intentionally.  These things are not logical events and detrimental to life.  Vithoulkas states, “As with all things, the human organism was originally designed to function harmoniously and compatible in the environment… Any imbalance inevitably leads to destruction, which diminishes both the human being and the universe in which he or she lives… Ideally, the human race should have enough consciousness and...

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Weekly Focus - Category II

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Category II/ Heel Lifts

Dr. Dejarnette classified three different types of sacroiliac problems.  The Category II is a bony misalignment between the ilium and sacrum.  Dr. Dejarnette was a contemporary of Dr. Goodheart Sr., and this led Dr. Goodheart Jr. to be very interested in the SOT Categories.  The Category II lesion may be corrected with an osseous adjustment or blocking procedure.


  • The patient may have lateral sway
  • Can be associated with a spheno-basilar fault

Therapy Localization:

  • With the patient in a supine position, the patient contacts first one sacroiliac joint and then the other and a strong muscle is tested for weakening (one hand to one joint)
  • In SOT technique, they talk about the arm fossa test.  This is a test of a straight arm and therapy localization to the inguinal ligament,
    • The upper portion (fossa) of the ligament (by the ASIS)
    • The lower part (fossa) of the ligament (by the pubic bone)
  • PI ilium
    • Will show tenderness at...
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Weekly Focus - Category III Pelvis

category iii weekly focus Feb 17, 2019

Hey Everyone, 

Here we are for our first weekly challenge! Your goal should you choose to accept it is to check Category 3 on every person you lay your hands on this week!

Your goal is to be efficient and effective with the treatments.  Category III is pandemic in today's society even without signs and symptoms of LBP. 

Your Check List for the week

  • Watch Video
  • Comment below (tell me what you got out of the notes & video)
  • Check Cat III at least 3 times a day
    • If you have a relationship with God/The Source/The universe etc. ask to have patients sent to you that you can help with this technique.
  • For those of you that want more deep dive training and accountability go to: 

Hopefully, that covers everything now 3...2...1 GO!



From my course notes:


DeJarnette discussed three types of pelvic problems. Categories I and II we have previously discussed. Category III is a pelvic...

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